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Feb 10, 2008 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Rants

If a demand for testing certification exists then why don'tUniversities meet that demand?

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Should ISEB even run a certification scheme?

If Industry really does have a demand for it then perhaps ISEB’s role should involve collating the Industry needs and passing them on to the Universities to provide the necessary certification mechanism. Academia generally seems to ‘get’ certification.

The Games industry has managed to get “Games Development” recognised as a degree level subject.

If industry wants a certification then should academia meet that need?

If we want our testers educated to ‘Diploma’ level then push the Universities.

Get people doing MSc’s in testing.

Have our consultants and trainers do part time lecturing at Universities so that the students receive teaching from Industry professionals.

I’d much rather see on someone’s CV that they took a career break to study for an MSc or MPhil in Software Testing, than an “ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing”.