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Oct 5, 2016 - 2 minute read - Getting Started Java For Testers

New Java For Testers Install Videos and Checklist for Windows and Mac Released

Original Blog Posting on [blog.javafortesters.com]

TLDR; use the startUsingJavaJunit checklist on github to install Java JDK, and Maven, it also has links to ‘install tutorial’ videos for Windows and Mac

One of the hardest parts of writing a book, is keeping it up to date.

Particularly for install instructions.

Its one of the reasons, that Java For Testers has a checklist approach to the install instructions in the book. And why I have information on the JavaForTesters.com website describing the install.

New Install Instructions

I have just updated the install instructions and videos online because:

  • Maven 3.3.9 has a slightly different install process (no need to create an M2_HOME environment variable, although nothing bad happens if you do, so the old instructions still work)
  • Mac, while ‘easy to use’, forces you to use the command line when installing development tools and people new to programming and command line find this hard - so the install instructions for Mac that I have on the web site, now use Homebrew.
  • IntelliJ GUI has changed enough, since the last time, I created the video that I receive questions on how to import projects

The install instructions are now supported by a Github project:

with an install checklist:

The project is basically a maven project with a single test, so when you run it, you can see that maven, and JDK are working on your machine.

I have install videos for both Windows and Mac: