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Jul 13, 2017 - 1 minute read - Quora

Can QA testers do unit testing? Quora

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Q: Can QA testers do unit testing?


That depends on the skill set of the tester.

I can. I’m also a proficient programmer and write applications.

I learned to do this, when I started on some Agile projects a fair few years back, I was a little rusty. I paired with developers to help improve my coding skills. I was able to contribute:

  • suggestions on test conditions,
  • test data to use,
  • risks in the coding approach,
  • “what ifs”

And as we worked on the Unit Tests, I learned more about the programming language in use. I also spent a lot of my spare time reading books on the programming language and practicing to become more proficient and take the lead in the pair as we worked on the code.

If the tester can code, and they are prepared to learn and practice then they can write Unit test code.

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