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Mar 16, 2017 - 2 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

Changes in Selenium WebDriver 3.1.0, 3.2.0, 3.3.0 and 3.3.1 for Java

I have updated my startUsingSeleniumWebDriver project to handle changes in WebDriver 3.1.0, 3.2.0, 3.3.0 and 3.3.1. MarionetteDriver removed in version 3.1.0 and above In version 3.0.1 of Selenium WebDriver I noticed that the MarionetteDriver was marked as deprecated. The WebDriver team don’t mess about, and in the next version (3.1.0), the MarionetteDriverwas removed. FirefoxDriver defaults to Marionette/GeckoDriver mode, so if you have been using MarionetteDriver you should change the code to use FirefoxDriver instead.

Mar 12, 2017 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Testing

Representation and Meaning: relating Programming, Testing, Coding and Checking

TLDR; older computing books and papers have a lot of really useful information - read them. Programming has an ‘easy to automate’ level called ‘coding’, with a similar relationship to ‘testing’ that ‘checking’ has. Assert as well as Check. Developing includes Testing and Programing and other stuff. Some quick notes from a reading of the book “Representation and Meaning”, published in 1972, compiles various academic papers from 1960 - 1965.

Mar 8, 2017 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Techniques

Ambiguity Detection and Weaponisation for Software Testers

TLDR; You can learn to detect ambiguity and then weaponize it for your testing. Do you think I meant that? What else could I mean? Detection Can you identify ambiguity in written, verbal and visual communication? If so then you can apply that skill during your testing to give you ideas of where in an application to test. In the places that you perceive ambiguity, when you test there, you might find an easy win due to different expectations between project staff e.

Feb 17, 2017 - 6 minute read - Evil Tester Productivity

Harness Your Ruthless Efficiency as MVP in testing and development

TLDR; Ruthlessly look at your process and incrementally improve your efficiency. Take the same attitude when testing and developing and harness MVP as often as you can. In this post I’m going to describe focus and how you can apply that in your work, not just for testing but for software development in general with examples. On the morning of 17th Feb 2017, I created an Instagram video on ‘focus’ and it was about… how ruthlessly efficient we can be if we focus.

Feb 15, 2017 - 4 minute read - Automating Evil Tester

Should I test at the GUI Level or the API Level?

TLDR; Where to test? Can you isolate the functionality? If so, test the isolation most heavily. Then look to see what integrates, and how it integrates. Then test the integration as heavily as the ‘how’ requires. Question: Is there a rule of thumb when deciding to test at the GUI level or API level? Are any rules to help decide when to test at one level over the other?

Jan 31, 2017 - 9 minute read - Evil Tester Technical Testing

How to test a text adventure game - some notes on Testing RestMud

TLDR; RestMud has JUnit Unit @Test coverage, functional integration testing, REST API testing with Jsoup and Gson, Bots for multi-user and model based testing, Postman and GUI based exploratory testing. I’m getting RestMud ready for some workshops later in the year and this means: making sure a player can complete the maps I have created I’m OK with some bugs (because they are for testers), but I need them to complete because they are games making sure they can handle enough players I imagine that we will have a max of 20 or so people playing at a time making sure I don’t break existing games with last minute engine changes with new game maps with new game commands and script commands As most of you reading this will realise - that means as well as developing it, I need to test it.

Jan 31, 2017 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Technical Testing

RestMud Text Adventure Game for Testers Walkthrough

I have created a walkthrough for the RestMud game I released last year. Why? Because I have had a few people email me asking for tips. Warning: This is a full walkthrough Start to finish, every command It will not improve your technical skills If you don’t play the game with dev tools on then it might not be obvious why you use some of these commands there is a full map at the end of the walkthrough, I put it at the back because you should only use it in an emergency I recommend:

Jan 12, 2017 - 8 minute read - Evil Tester Techniques

What do you do? As a Tester, when you are asked for ROI calculation

TLDR; push back, ask questions, and if all else fails - plan it as a manageable set of tasks At the Test Automation Guild I was asked a question about how we calculate ROI for Test Automation. And its a hard question for me to answer in 30 seconds when I don’t know enough about the situation the person asking the question finds themselves in. Because testers are often asked by managers for information that the manager should really be dealing with and which does not seem to add value to the process and which we are concerned trivializes or views the process from the wrong perspective.

Jan 3, 2017 - 4 minute read - Linkedin

Recognise and Improve Your Personal Test Process

I believe that everyone has a unique and personal test process. Also, when we accept this, we can grow our testing skills further and faster than if we pursue the traditional path of learning a common body of knowledge. Learn your traditions We do have a tradition of common terms and information from our ‘craft’ - techniques, tactics, and strategies. For testing we have named techniques: “Boundary Value Analysis”, “Equivalence Partition Analysis”.

Jan 2, 2017 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester slogans

Hack the JavaScript Evil Tester Sloganizer to Generate Random New Year's Resolutions

I wrote a blog post for the new year: http://blog.eviltester.com/2016/12/happy-testing-new-year-for-2017.html And in there I noted that if you go off to the Evil Tester Sloganizer and type this code for(var x=0;x<100;x++){ console.log("-" + process_sentence(sentences[30]));} Then you’ll get a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions printed out to the console e.g. : -I will try to pursue this risk further -I resolve to scrutinize requirements -I resolve to scrutinize ambiguity -I think I might just exploit this defect further -I will follow this risk further -I think I might just provide alternative alternatives -I will try to question more requirements -I will learn to test effectively -I resolved to scrutinize ambiguity -I think I might just test the lifeblood out of this system -I resolved to test the life out of this system etc.