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Nov 22, 2013 - 3 minute read - FAQ Selenium Simplified Blog

Question: What else do I need to master?

“I have a question: What else do I need to master, besides Selenium and the obvious complementary stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery?” A question that opens a whole world of investigation. I guess different people will need to learn different things. So some of the ‘obvious’ complementary stuff first: Basic Developer ‘stuff’: Learn your chosen programming language well Learn the Unit Test framework that you are going to use Learn the IDE you are going to use Learn the supporting tools e.

Nov 22, 2013 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Productivity

How to use Jira to subjectively track and report daily on your testing?

A long time ago I coded a now defunct modelling tool to help me with my testing. Half the battle with managing and reporting testing involves deciding how you will model it for the project you work on. Generic Modelling The generic set of formal modelling techniques I use, I often map on to: Entities Lists Hierarchies Graphs When using Jira, I have access to Entities and Lists.

Nov 1, 2013 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Mobile Testing Tools

iOS Screen Capture, Streaming and ScreenRecording tools for Mobile Testing

I listed the results of my investigation into Android Screen Capture, Streaming and ScreenRecording tools for Mobile Testing, now time to turn to iOS. Note that I’m not really covering static screen capture here, since short cuts are built into each operating system for static capture. iOS is pretty locked down. And without jail breaking, your options are limited. However, iOS has a built in screen sharing capability called AirPlay, designed to be used for streaming to your Apple TV.

Nov 1, 2013 - 3 minute read - Books Evil Tester FAQ Selenium Simplified WebDriver

FAQ: How do your books "integrate" with your courses?

Dear Alan I’d like to embark on learning from your books and online course but should I do one before the other? Or does one set of materials supersede another? Thanks, A Correspondent I receive this question often enough that I’m going to try and answer it fully on the blog. On a timeline, I created the following products: Selenium Simplified Book Start Using Selenium WebDriver - a ‘Getting Started’ online course Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics online Course Java For Testers Book Technical Web Testing 101 online course If you still want to learn Selenium-RC using Java then the Selenium Simplified Book is the one to get.

Nov 1, 2013 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Mobile Testing

How to connect your iOS device to an HTTP proxy on your desktop or laptop

Connecting an iOS device to an HTTP Proxy is much the same as we demonstrated on Android devices. On your iOS settings: In Wifi Select the (i) information icon next to your wifi network On the bottom of the screen is the HTTP Proxy settings Set this to Manual Type in the Server IP address and port of your proxy Done. Now your HTTP traffic should flow through the desktop proxy.

Oct 25, 2013 - 1 minute read - CompendiumDev Conferences

November Attendence at Eurostar 2013

I will be at the Eurostar Testing Conference 2013 in Gothenberg in November 2013. I’m on the programme committee, which means I helped choose the presentations that made it through to the conference. I’ll be wandering around for the whole conference, helping out and trying to make sure it runs smoothly. So if you’re there, feel free to wander up and say hello.

Oct 25, 2013 - 1 minute read - CompendiumDev Conferences

London Tester Gathering 2013 Workshops

I presented two workshops at the London Tester Gathering 2013 Black Ops Testing - we may well run this again in the future so sign up to the mailing list for more information The Evil Tester’s Guide to HTTP Proxies and Browser Developer Tools If these workshops seem of interest to your teams, and you would like me to run them in your organisation, then please get in touch.

Oct 25, 2013 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Mobile Testing Tools

Create a local WiFi hotspot for testing using connectify.me

We took delivery of the new iOS devices for mobile testing. And in order to activate them, you need to connect over Wi-Fi But they wouldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network during the activation wizard. What to do? I decided to use my laptop as a local Wi-Fi hotspot. That way I could configure it with different passwords and encryption types to try the different options and hope that the iOS device would connect.

Oct 24, 2013 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Technical Testing Tools

How to chain HTTP Debug Proxies

I chain HTTP debug proxies. That way I can use features from all of them, at the same time: Fiddler Autoresponders BurpSuite passive sitemap building ZAP’s multiple breakpoints etc. Fiddler I usually work on Windows, so the first proxy I start is Fiddler. Fiddler hooks into the windows system seamlessly without any additional config. All other proxies I point at Fiddler as the down stream proxy. When fiddler is running.