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Feb 18, 2009 - 4 minute read - Evil Tester Techniques

Do you still remember your first 'real' test

I still remember my first real test. Do you? Since I generalise wildly, I assume that you do. Note: my first ‘real’ test. Not “the first time I found a bug”. For the purposes of this exercise I defined my first ‘real’ test as the first time I can remember purposefully thinking like a tester with regards to software and actively hunting out a bug. You may choose a different definition - up to you.

Feb 4, 2009 - 4 minute read - Book Reviews CompendiumDev

Book Review: How We Test Software At Microsoft

Book Authors: Alan Page, Ken Johnston, Bj Rollison I really enjoyed this book. I don’t know if I learned a lot of new stuff but HWTSAM did remind me of a lot, and encouraged me to believe in a rosier future for all software testers. HWTSAM makes it clear that because of Microsoft’s size many styles of testing go on in Microsoft and this book presents some stories about Microsoft and some of their techniques.

Feb 1, 2009 - 13 minute read - Evil Tester Tools

Exploring free and open source test tools

I recently facilitated a session on free and open source test tools at the Test Management Summit. This post contains an edited form of my notes prior to the event and some amendments and additions based on the discussion from the session. [Download the slides from the session] What makes me think I have enough experience to talk about this? I have coded and designed commercial, free and open-source testing tools.

Jan 30, 2009 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Rants

Don't call me a QA!

I dislike the term QA when applied to testers in general. I dislike it more when applied to my team. I dislike it even more when applied to me. If you read this, and you use the term QA - stop it. Bad Trend towards QA Unfortunately if I graphed the trend for verbal usage of this term I would see draw a line heading upwards. I used to hear it more from the American staff I worked with, but now the disease has spread to UK staff.

Jan 29, 2009 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Tools

FireShot - a great web testing 'screen' capture tool

A few testers have recently mentioned the tool FireShot to me. Note they only ‘mentioned’ it to me - they should have raved about it and shouted out its name, and in between the effusive praising performed a little happy dance. This plugin works in both IE and Firefox and allows you to capture the whole browser page as an image and send it to the clipboard. When you upgrade to the ‘pro’ version you get editing capabilities, but the free version will speed up your web testing defect reporting no end.

Jan 24, 2009 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Selenium

How I learned to love Selenium's fireEvent

“I clicked on that, why didn’t the click work!” I recently faced the challenge of using Selenium to automate a web application that stubbornly resisted my attempts to automate it - until I found the fireEvent! No need to know the name of the application in question, but the basic situation I faced involved a form with a ‘save’ button. I used Selenium to fill in the details in the form and click the save button.

Jan 22, 2009 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Selenium

Get rid of those pesky IE dialogs with AutoIt

Over the years I have used and reused a variant of a single AutoIt script. The script basically polls windows for a dialog that matches a certain pattern and then performs some action. I most recently used this to get rid of the IE dialog that pops up using Selenium with IEHTA asking if you want the web page to close the window. So this script provides an easier way of getting rid of the dialog than sitting there clicking it (or shooting it) - after all, you automate so you don’t have to sit there.

Jan 20, 2009 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Tools

Locky - the file locking test tool

When I test applications that read files I like to test how they handle locked files. And yes, I once had a situation where I needed to lock lots of files, and then lock some more and then lock even more. So I wrote Locky to help me. [Download] I obviously had a lot of time on my hands as I made it fairly generic. I honestly don’t know how long ago I wrote this.

Jan 16, 2009 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Techniques

Notes on the evolution of my exploratory testing documentation style

Looking back at ETA I can see that my current approach to documenting exploratory testing has changed since I last worked on ETA. Back then I remember my style as: what did I just do? what did I just observe? scribbled thoughts on paper I kind of scribbled future thoughts on bits of paper off to the side as they occurred to me. Since various people have derogatively described my handwriting as “a scrawl”, “unreadable” and “teeny tiny random lines” on a page.