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Feb 4, 2008 - 7 minute read - Book Reviews CompendiumDev

Book Review: Systematic Software Testing by Rick Craig & Stefan Jaskiel

Anytime I approach a book now I try to get my initial prejudices and preconceptions sorted and out of my head to let me approach the book more clearly. My initial preconceptions of Systematic Software Testing have led to it sitting on my shelf for a long time. I’ve seen Rick lecture and he does that very well, a little overly metric focused compared to my general approach, but presumably that has worked for him and his clients in the past.

Feb 1, 2008 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Rants

ISEB testing certification, fear, and the hiring dilemma

At EuroSTAR 2007 Michael Bolton started the conference off with “Why I am not Certified” - Michael had obviously kept more up to date on the ISEB progress than I. I looked at the ISEB site recently, and now I feel uneasy. I know that the people who started all this certification had ‘industry’ and possibly ‘profession’ best intentions in mind I assume that the people involved still do have those intentions.

Jan 30, 2008 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Rants

I thought you were a tester but... you're programming

I state no “MUST”s in here, you don’t “HAVE” to know how to program to work effectively as a tester but…when you do know how to program, then you have more options. How many more? Well… “Reasons to be cheerful - one, two, three…” Reasons why I have found it useful to have programming knowledge: Speak to the developers in their own language – build relationships with the development team Different languages have their own problems and idioms – useful to know these Different languages have to make different physical decisions when implementing logical designs Implement custom test tool utilities – metric collating, defect management, data generation Use existing test tool APIs and customise your test tools e.

Jan 28, 2008 - 5 minute read - Book Reviews CompendiumDev

Book Review: Software Testing by Ron Patton

This review actually covers the 1st edition, and not the current 2nd edition. I read this a long time ago - made my notes and have subsequently lost them. So I start again. My basic memory from the last time I read it recalled as: “a good book for beginners”. So I’ll see what a second reading does for me. [amazon.com][amazon.co.uk] The first section of the book gives a basic introduction to software testing based on pragmatism.

Jan 24, 2008 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Productivity

How to find out where the time goes

jWorkSheet is one of the secret tools that form part of my productivity armoury. What does it do? Why do I use it?…. Well, I work across multiple projects and if I like to be able to see which projects are taking most of my time. If I don’t track my time I get to the end of the day and go “so what did I do all day?”. If you face a similar issue then…jWorkSheet might help you.

Jan 21, 2008 - 3 minute read - Agile CompendiumDev

Agile Acceptance Testing

Some notes and links on Agile Acceptance Testing. First the links. Read the online Acceptance Testing chapter from “Test Driven - Practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers” by Lasse Koskela. Read Brian Marick’s article Series Agile Testing Directions. And now the notes: I haven’t yet read “Test Driven - Practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers” [amazon.com][amazon.co.uk]. I have, however, read the free online chapters and I have already sent the urls of those chapters to people that I work with to introduce them to TDD and Acceptance Testing principles.

Jan 20, 2008 - 5 minute read - Evil Tester Rants

Please stop the fiction

I have an unhealthy dislike of the current trend towards “fictional” example ‘based’ essays. You know the type… It was Monday and I struggled into the office out of the pouring rain and before I’d even sat down, let alone think about getting a cup of coffee and reading the latest Dilbert gag, Jane walked up to me and said “We have been looking for you for half an hour, there has been a new release, we only have 20 minutes to test all the software and we have 27000 tests to run manually - what are we going to do?

Jan 19, 2008 - 3 minute read - CompendiumDev Exploratory Testing

5 Exploratory Test Documentation Lessons

While at Stockholm for the EuroSTAR 2007 conference I managed to conduct testing on a public booth and have collated some simple lessons on Exploratory Test Documentation. I read James Bach’s post on Amateur Penetration Testing a few weeks before going off to Stockholm for the EuroSTAR 2007 conference. While there I managed to recall some of his techniques while using a few of the free test training booths provided by the Stockholm authorities in their fair city.