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Nov 10, 2017 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester FAQ

The Evil Tester Show - Episode 002 - Provocative Therapy

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TLDR; Provocative Therapy is a great study area. And Quality Coaches might not be the best cure for what ails your modern software development process.

The second episode. It is available as audio and video covers Provocative Therapy and the Testers Role in Modern Software Development - also looking at the notion of Quality Coaches.

Provocative Therapy

  • What is provocative therapy?
  • The Goals of provocative therapy
  • Humour in provocative therapy
  • How to use provocative therapy as a consultant

Tester’s Role in Modern Software Development

  • What is the tester’s role in modern software development?
  • Why are people confused about a Tester’s role on Agile?
  • Why is Agile Testing Hard?
  • Why will Quality Coaching help?
  • What does a tester really do?
  • What makes a good tester different from other people on an Agile team?
  • What are the dangers with Test Coaches?
  • How do we define our own role on Agile Projects?
  • What does a tester do on Agile Projects?
  • Can programmer’s test their own code?