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May 10, 2018 - 5 minute read - Mailing List

Mailing - 9th May 2018 - The Evil Tester Newsletter - New Videos and Training Resources

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Thanks for signing up to The Evil Tester Newsletter. In this edition you’ll find plenty of new content I have released to YouTube and the blogs.

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It’s been a busy time since the last newsletter. Creating content, programming, consulting and training. I do have some time available to support projects with consultancy, so if you need mentoring or a external view on how to improve your Agile processes, your automated execution, or your technical testing then feel free to reply to this email. Your reply will only be sent to me. Or use the contact form on my web site compendiumdev.co.uk/contact.


New Evil Tester Blog Posts

A fairly diverse set of posts to EvilTester.com recently.

I’ve been updating the Testing Apps that I use for training and I’ve packaged them into a single .jar file, as well as many of them being available on my website.

Patreon Updates

I created a summary post for my Patreon programme. And I’ve created a lot of unique content for the people on the programme.

  • Two exclusive webinars
  • Seven behind the scenes videos
  • Twenty Seven news commentary videos
  • Some exclusive tutorial videos
  • Some exclusive ‘here is a useful link’ posts

I’ve also changed the pricing tier so it is now simpler. $1, $5 and $100

  • $1 - thanks for supporting me, and some content, youtube videos without ads
  • $5 - all patreon content
  • $100 - a 30 minute mentoring video call, and all content

I’m also starting to create ‘micro courses’ I plan for these to be quite short and focussed - about 1 hour long. And feel more like a ‘workshop’.

The first is looking at the new JavaScript training game that I created and shows some basics of HTML, Dev Tools, JavaScript and helps you understand just how much you can do to any Web client that is in your browser. This is split across five videos which will be released 1 per week and in total is about 70 minutes long.

You can find more information on the Patreon programme at patreon.com/eviltester

National Software Testing Conference 2018

I have a few conference talks coming up, but the next one is at the National Software Testing Conference 2018, which will be held in London on 22-23rd March.

You can find links to the conference on my talk page.


Rather than do a ‘theory’ talk, I’ve looked at some of my previous work and consulting engagements to build system models of a variety of projects I have been involved in. The culture, the teams, and their agile processes, to try and identify the relationships for Test Management on those projects.

It’s tempting to view Test Management as something that doesn’t fit in Agile and Dev Ops but that is only the case if you view Test Management as enforcing a strict testing process. There is often a need for an experienced test professional to help identify risks, mentor the people conducting testing, manage the career aspects of people in a testing discipline, and help communicate testing to development teams. The actual way that is done depends on the skill set of the Test Manager, but there is nothing in Agile or Dev Ops that prevents teams and projects from benefiting from experience.

I’ll be trying to explain and illustrate this in my short talk. Hopefully the managers who do not yet work on Agile, but are migrating to Agile will re-think their role and how they can continue to add value to their organisation. Which I’m sure they can.

New videos added to the Automating and Testing a REST API Book page

I updated the support page for my book Automating a Testing a REST API to have more support videos.


Thanks for signing up for the newsletter. I hope some of this information is useful to you.

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Alan Richardson