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Oct 30, 2018 - 4 minute read - Mailing List

Mailing - 30th October 2018 - The Evil Tester Newsletter - Security and Videos and Training and Free Stuff

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In this “Evil Tester’s Newsletter” I have many links that are worth following to learn from. I also want to discuss the overlap between Computer Science in Academia and ‘the real world’. And as a special Halloween present I’ve listed an exclusive video on YouTube that I haven’t made public yet. I haven’t even released this one to Patreon yet.

Computer Science Overlap

I’ve been reading a lot of Computer Science books recently. And I’m not talking particularly up to date books, I quite like classic computer science books. I think there is still a lot of value in them that we can draw upon.

I’ve been hunting them down on ebay. A few of my favourite searches are

  • “monographs computer science”
  • “prentice hall international series computer”
  • “wiley series” in the Computer & IT category

I also have a fondness for books on Compilers and Interpreters, Genetic Programming.

I find that even if I don’t put the information into practice, “stuff” soaks in that gives me a broader view of my work.

As an example, compilers and interpreters seem like a fairly ‘advanced’ topic to people but… when we use a tool like Cucumber, we are seeing ‘interpreter’ technology in action. And it ceases to be magic. Also if we are using Cucumber and we’ve read about language design or Domain Specific Languages, then we might have a better idea of how to write Gherkin such that it is more maintainable and uses multiple levels of abstraction. If we read about Z or formal methods then we might understand that Gherkin is very often modelling the Pre and Post conditions and the ‘functionality’ is implemented by the underlying fixture code, rather than in the feature.

Older books can often be picked up for a few pounds and I think there is a lot of value waiting to be mined in there.

What’s new and useful?

What’s been happening on YouTube?

I’ve released some more YouTube videos:

An exclusive for you, I haven’t released this publicly. It is a short video showing how to use assertions in Postman scripts: https://youtu.be/wWMqgdxUnlU

Technology Based Technical Testing

I spoke at the Agile Testers Conference last week and I’ve added my talk “Technology Based Technical Testing” to Evil Tester Talks. In the talk I look at why we need to understand technology to allow us to identify risks, test more deeply and to help us limit the testing that we carry out.

You can find more information about the talk here, including the slides I used:

When I added it to Evil Tester Talks, I also added a transcription, and an extra 20 minutes demo video.

This brings the total number of talks and webinars in Evil Tester Talks up to 13. Perfect for this spooky time of year.

What’s been happening on Patreon?

I’ve been adding to Patreon on an almost daily basis so there are now more than 150 Patreon posts. I’ve also uploaded two of the conference talk recordings and there are now 3 micro courses. I will be adding more courses and am constantly adding more content.

I’m just trying to pour as much value into Patreon as I can. And Patrons get this drip fed on a daily basis so it arrives in nice small consumable parcels.

To make Patreon a little easier to navigate I try to list some of the most important videos and sections on http://eviltester.com/page/patreon/

Thanks for Subscribing

Thanks for being a subscriber to “The Evil Tester Software Testing and Automating Newsletter”

And if you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, or following me on twitter or instagram then I’ve added the links below. I don’t always repeat information on all channels, and I don’t summarise everything I release in this email so I think its worth looking at a few of the social media links as well.



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