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Feb 11, 2013 - 1 minute read - Book Reviews CompendiumDev

I deleted some book reviews

Original Blog Posting on [compendiumnews.blogspot.com]

I tidied up a few of the book reviews.

Some of them I just deleted. And that might explain how you ended up on this page through a redirection.

I deleted some reviews because they didn’t add value. Some were a weak summary of the book itself and offered no insight.

I deleted some reviews because they were negative, and the review itself didn’t add value. i.e. the review itself didn’t educate or have any useful information, it basically just said ‘don’t read this book’.

And that might in some way add value, but I decided to change focus and start linking to things that I will re-read and go back to, rather than dictate what other people should do and read - you can take responsibility for yourself. I’ll tell you where I go and where I find value.

You might still find reviews of books on the site that have a negative tone. Some of those remain because I think the review itself has value in the text, i.e. it explains something useful. Or I may not have acted on my ‘remove this book review task yet’.

Remember to read responsibly.