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Jan 17, 2013 - 1 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

A few free Selenium WebDriver videos

Original Blog Posting on [SeleniumSimplified.com]

When I created my Full Online WebDriver course I made a few of the videos free.

I’m slowly releasing them on to YouTube to increase their reach.

Yes, they act as teasers and advertising for the course, but I tried to pull out videos that help explain the basics in a simple overview way.

The list for the non-fussy and eager among you:

The first set of videos are a History of Selenium. It is mandatory that every training course has to spend some time on this. I try to get it over quickly. But it doesn’t just cover the history, it covers the differences between WebDriver and Selenium-RC. And so as to not labour the point, it lasts for less than 5 mins.

Also I have added a few of the Maven videos

  • Introduction to Maven

  • Summary of Why Maven

  • How is Maven getting the dependencies

I will add more to Youtube Soon so subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to get updates before I post about them here.