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Jan 28, 2013 - 3 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog Webinars

WebDriver Webinar - Testing a Live App - Friday 8th February at 14:00 GMT

Original Blog Posting on [SeleniumSimplified.com]

Previously, I described the basic Webinar aims.

Now the details.

I plan to do the first Webinar on Friday 8th February at 14:00 GMT

You can register for the webinar here. You need flash to tune in and watch the webinar live.

You can join the email Webinar Mailing list by clicking here.

I will not cover the setup of the various tools, because I’ve covered that in the free getting started course. So if you do want to try what we do after the Webinar then make sure you follow the setup steps in that course first.

The initial scope of the webinars will cover:

  • Create a project
  • Choose an application that is simple enough to install and work with but offers enough complexity that later webinars will go into more detail about the coding
  • Analyse the application under test live so you see the kind of things I look for and how I use the built in browser tools to do this
  • Write code live to test the application
  • I’ll talk through the Java constructs as I do the coding but not go into great detail
  • I’ll explain the decisions I make about the automation code I write and java code I write
  • I’ll respond to questions in the chat window and try and answer them live as I go
  • I’ll refactor code and explain decisions as I do so
  • I’ll move from writing a simple test and refactor it to page objects and domain objects
  • I’ll refactor tests to harness JUnit functionality

I will record the webinars:

  • I will record the webinars and setup some replays for people who can’t attend at the time of the live session.
  • These will be timed, not on demand.
  • For each webinar I will setup a form online where you can ask questions because there won’t be a live chat for recorded webinars.
  • I’ll use the feedback forms to tailor content of future webinars

I can’t promise how much I’ll get through in each webinar:

  • because it depends on the questions and how much depth I go into, explaining the different concepts.
  • Each webinar will only be about 30 - 45 minutes long

The schedule of the webinars will remain fairly adhoc:

  • I’ll be squeezing these in around conferences, training and client work.
  • I can’t promise a consistent start time since people want to tune in from all around the world, so I’ll experiment with timings and you can give me feedback via email, or as blog comments, or twitter messages or via the webinar form etc.
  • I suspect I’ll do one every 2 weeks initially

Thanks for your interest, hope to see some of you sign up.


  • first Webinar on Friday 8th February at 14:00 GMT
  • register for the webinar here. You need flash watch the webinar live.
  • Join the email Webinar Mailing list by clicking here.
  • You can still contribute to the survey if you want to see anything covered in a future webinar unow.be/ssc/webinarq