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Apr 10, 2013 - 2 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog Training Courses

Online Selenium WebDriver Course amendments

Original Blog Posting on [SeleniumSimplified.com]

I’m giving my Online Selenium WebDriver Training courses a bit of minor overhaul.

All volume updates have been completed now.

I’m in the process of increasing the volume across the “Selenium 2 WebDriver API” course. I’m working backwards through the lectures so that the volume increase becomes a pleasant surprise rather than experiencing a decrease.

I try to do a section a day, and I’m currently down to section 19, so I’ll do section 18 tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll manage to get them all done by the end of April.

I’ve also changed the course images to make them more attractive and pleasing to the eye, or at least as good as my graphic design skills will allow. They all have a consistent feel to them, with a randomly chosen colour swash that I found aesthetically pleasing.

The Comprehensive Online Selenium WebDriver API Course looks like this:

Comprehensive Learn Selenium WebDriver API Online CourseA rather lovely shade of Orange methinks.

The full course helps you learn the Selenium WebDriver API Online at your own pace.

The Free Online Selenium WebDriver Course looks like this:

Free Introductory WebDriver Course

The free course helps you learn how to get started with the IDEs, installing maven, and all the other setup tasks you need to do before you can really start learning Selenium WebDriver with Java. This course is online on this very site.

What do you think of the new logos?