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Feb 13, 2014 - 1 minute read - Maven Selenium Simplified Blog Training Courses

Updated the Getting Started With Selenium WebDriver free course

Original Blog Posting on [SeleniumSimplified.com]

I just updated the Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver free course.

Mainly because IntelliJ 13 has been confusing some people starting out - my main install videos showed IntelliJ 12 and 11.

Also, Maven has proven more troublesome than expected. For something that in theory seems easy. In practice, many people (including myself) have issues creating the environment variables and the path.

Fortunately, when I created the new version. I also experienced install issues, so the video shows the problem “typing ‘mvn -version’ and windows not finding it” followed by my thinking through the problem with a fix.

I also created the videos without using the Rapid Environment Editor, as the introduction of another tool seemed to confuse some people. Which was never the aim, so I removed it from the main video.

I amended the following videos: